Short Jean Skirts

Our Short Jean skirt is perfect for everyday.

And it's a modest skirt without a slit!

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  • Short Jean Skirt / Girls Plus Size

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    Our Short Jean Skirt has an adjustable waist for growing girls!

    - Fly front zipper
    - Adjustable back elastic waist
    - front change pockets
    - No back slit
    - Prewashed
    - Comfortable 
    - Durable and wears well
    Fabric:  100% Cotton
    Stretch Fabric Content: 98% Cotton - 2% Spandex
    Fabric Care: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry and Press

    Size Chart:
    To determine your size accurately:
    Measuring is the best way to make sure you are to ordering the correct size!
    Please note - this skirt in the photo has added length.
    -  Please match up your LOW HIP measurement to the size chart. 
    -  It is the LOW HIP measurement that is most important!
    -  For further instructions please go to the HOW TO MEASURE page.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the 'Details' tab for a larger size chart.

    Measuring from the waistband under her belly to just below the knee.
    No Extra Length: for shorter than normal height
    +2 inches: for average height 
    +4 inches: for taller than average
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