Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take two weeks to ship my order?

As a small manufacturer with as many styles, sizes, colors and length options, it would be impossible to carry a fully stocked warehouse.

All our garments are made in house, right here in Berlin, NJ. We estimate a time of two weeks to complete an order depending on the volume of orders at the time of ordering.

You can view your estimated ship time on the left side bar on every product page before placing your order!


Can I get an extra 4 inches to a Junior size?

We do not offer more than 2 extra inches for our Junior sizes. If you need a longer length you can go up to the ladies category  where longer lengths are offered.


What is the difference between the Athletic Exercise Skirt and the Athletic Skort?

The Athletic Exercise Skirt has tights (Bike Shorts) that hug the leg underneath, while the Athletic Skort has loose fitting shorts underneath.


Can I get only 1" added to the skirt that I would like to order?

We are sorry but we just cannot customize any of our garments for many reasons. May I suggest that  you order a skirt longer than you want and have it tailored to your specifications. That  way you can have it exactly the length you need!